Film: The Mountain Between Us


Kate Winslet as Alex Martin and Idris Elba as Dr. Ben Bass.

If you’re a hopeless romantic then go to The Mountain Between Us. If you are looking for a gritty survival film, pack your gear and head to an actual mountain and make your own movie. My date and I were firmly split on this flick. I actually liked it. Helps I’m a fan of Kate and Idris. I liked the sappy,  over-sentimental feel of the screen play. It’s really good. A Mills and Boon type story set in the mountains. There’s nothing wrong with this. But my partner wanted something a little more adventurous. She wanted a tragedy of epic proportions and this film does not come anywhere close to this. Yes, the plane crashes in the mountains. They starve. They almost get eaten themselves. They fight each other over the best course of action and ultimately the ‘mountain between’ them is broken down into a mole hill. [Chuckle]. I’m gonna stop here. I’m not gonna tell you what to do with this film. See at cinema or wait for TV? Your call my friend. The mountains are calling though…  Perhaps I’ll track down a copy of the novel this film is based on and find a quiet cabin in the woods.


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