Film: Four Lions [2010]


Nigel Lindsay as Barry, Kayvan Novak as Waj, Riz Ahmed as Omar

If Benedict Cumberbatch is in a film, it’s legit right? Even if his part is less than 60 seconds in total? I’ve digressed and I haven’t even properly started this. From the beginning, I think I just watched an extremely ‘Un-PC’ film about extremists. Four hapless, homegrown terrorists, go about training up and then enacting Jihad against the unsuspecting public of Britain. So this is got to put off a lot of people right from the get-go. And I wavered on the delete button myself. But I was curious and and found I was laughing nervously start to finish. Because it is a comedy, albeit, a very dark one. It’s offensive. Depending on your point of view – perhaps. The victims of actual terrorist events will not find this film amusing at all. Like bad taste jokes – some might ask – is it too soon? Seven years have elapsed since the film’s broad release but I find myself thinking it’s still too soon for this. There is still bad shit happening on all sides. Here I go again – wavering. Four Lions is actually an excellent situation comedy, with convincing acting and some authentic looking shaky-cam to give it a ‘found-footage genre’ feel to it. I say give this flick a go. But don’t blame me if your flat mates get up and leave.


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