Film: 47 Meters Down


47 Meters Down

Once upon a time I would have felt stressed watching a sticky situation horror film like this one. I fear I am too desensitized. Plot wise, it’s pretty simple but lets break it down with me telling you what not to do when on holiday. Don’t go cage diving – it’s mean to sharks. But if you can’t resist; don’t hire a dodgy operator with a poorly maintained boat and shit gear. Always tell someone where and with whom you are going. Don’t scuba dive if you don’t know how to scuba dive. When the cage breaks and you sink 47 meters down; don’t leave the cage. Don’t panic. Don’t waste your air. Don’t freak out about the sharks. Don’t go to this movie – unless it’s raining, you’ve seen everything else, and you’re going mad with cabin fever. It’s not the worst film. But it’s no Jaws. Cinematically it’s solid. All the camera angles are fine. FX is good. The acting is alright given what it is. Divers who view the offering will have opinions on all the dive techie things – in fact it would be fun to watch with a group of PADI dive instructors and then debrief in the pub afterwards. Enough said. Your call on whether to see on the large screen or wait for it to come on TV.