Film: Atomic Blonde


Charlize Theron and James McAvoy

Atomic Blonde is radioactive hot. White hot. It caused me to go into nuclear meltdown. [Chuckle]. No, I’m not kidding – this film staring Charlize Theron and James McAvoy is fucken awesome. Based on the graphic novel by Antony Johnston and Sam Hart’s, it tells a cold war spy story set in Berlin in the days leading up to the fall of the wall. This David Leitch directed film is electric start to finish. I love the camera shots, the color tones, the actors [of course], and that music. Oh my gawd – that music I grew up with in the 80s – to hear it on the beautiful cinema sound system at the Roxy was seventh heaven. And isn’t Charlize the ‘it girl’?! It was wonderful to see her as an avenging angel in an almost non-stop action genre flick. I say almost because there is still a decent story and some good acting. Charlize is brilliant. I’m also a fan of McAvoy and he does not disappoint. He is perhaps one of the most versatile male actors around at the moment. Now, have I convinced you this movie is worth the effort? Get your lazy ass out the door. This film must be seen on the big screen.

Film song list here.


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