Film: The Autopsy of Jane Doe


Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch

A body horror; a supernatural body horror, call it what you want but The Autopsy of Jane Doe is damn good. When the police dept come across an horrific crime scene they are puzzled by this body they find. They send it to the father and son coroner team [played by Cox & Hirsch] who begin the lengthy process of determining the cause of death. But as you can imagine, it’s not going to be so straight forward. A deceptively simple premise, director André Øvredal has delivered us a gory and downright scary movie. I’m just upset I missed it on the big screen so thank goodness for Rialto channel for allowing me to catch up on it. Brian Cox who is head coroner Tommy Tilden was excellent. He looks like a dab hand with the scalpel. And Emile Hirsch as Austin Tilden pretty good also. I recommend this film to all horror fans. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Warning: the gore is right up there. I found hot chocolate key to settling my stomach.