Book: Mortal Engines


Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

As Sir Peter Jackson is in post production for the film version I needed to read this book ASAP. And what a wonderful yarn it is. What’s not to love about an entire city that can move from place to place eating rival towns? Reeve has a wild imagination and I love it. He has created a unique fantasy universe that had me spell bound start to finish. Most certainly a ‘steam punk’ story, I find myself looking forward to reading the next three books in the series. Although Mortal Engines is considered young adult fiction I urge all adults to seek it out – you will not be disappointed. Consequently I have high hopes for the film version and am glad Jackson is in charge. I’ve liked all his movies and the traction city of London will be in good hands. Oh – and there is the notion of Municipal Darwinism – perhaps our city Mayor would like to school up on this?!