Documentary: Prophet’s Prey


Documentary: Prophet’s Prey

Oh Lordy; where does one even begin with a film on the topic of an out of control religion and a predatory leader of a polygamous sect? Before I rant, lets begin by saying the documentary is very well done. Congratulations Amy Berg, Sam Brower et al for a thoughtful presentation. I found this doco riveting start to finish and came away with a greater understanding of the FLDS including the infamous leader Warren Jeffs. Now can I rant? I’ll try and keep this clean. Brower’s exposé is a warning to religiously inclined folk to be on guard from ‘false prophets’. This story speaks to society as a whole to not tolerate magical thinking. But that is the least of it. When there are closed/secret societies, it is the women and children who quickly become the victims. The authorities should have acted sooner. How could they turn such a blind eye for so long? How come they continue to allow Jeffs to run his ‘church’ from prison? The man is clearly insane. And his followers – meaning the men who dominate the women and children – enable Jeffs in order to keep their perverted ways going. Yes – less call it what it is. Their ‘church’ is just a front for abuse. It is shocking to think that in the 21st century, America allows this. End rant. But for me the a key purpose of good documentaries is to spark debate and discussion. To elicit opinion and reaction. To give voice to the vulnerable. To tell the victims’ story.  In recent years the quality of the ‘doco’ across the board has steadily increased and Prophet’s Prey is in my top 100. This is a must see film.


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