Film: My Friend Dahmer

Ross Lynch [center] as Jeffrey Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer is a drama, not a horror. And this disappointed a portion of the audience at our viewing. [Only sickos would be grumbling eh?!]. The film is what I would call a ‘table setter’. And it was well done. Director Marc Meyers has done a worthy job bringing the graphic novel by John Backderf to life. I think most people have heard of Jeffrey Dahmer and the horrific murders he was known for. But few knew about the high school misfit with the penchant for dead things. Cue high school classmate Backderf who thanks to his graphic novel we can perhaps fill in some gaps in Dahmer’s early years. Or is that a stretch for what is largely a work of fiction based on some childhood anecdotes? As far as casting goes for the movie, Ross Lynch was a great choice. He not only looked the part but also put in an exceptional shift in the art of the deadpan. With slumped shoulders and vacant look, Ross brought new meaning to expressionless. Top notch acting folks. So back to drama versus horror. Don’t get me wrong, the film is incredibly dark. There is some blood but don’t be expecting a Silence of the Lambs or a slash fest. If you are, then you don’t know your Dahmer that well. His first kill was 1978 after he graduates high school and this story is set during his final high school years. But will we ever know what really went on? Oh the drama! I rate this film and it is a highlight of the NZIFF. This is my third film at the New Zealand International Film Festival. I’m love’n it!




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