Film: Super Dark Times


Charlie Tahan as Josh

Do parents the world over know what their teenage boys are up to? Probably not. Teens can be feral. They make poor choices. Things can get out of control quickly. They stay stom. Bad shit happens then gets worse and worse. Boys get jealous over girls and rivalries erupt. Super Dark Times directed by Kevin Phillips is a journey into the warped mines of a group of four boys. It’s a disturbing coming of age film which reminds us how bad decisions have lingering effects. It’s well written and I take my hat off to the Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski writing team. The entire cast can also take a bow – this was so well acted. I’ll single out a few stand outs though: Owen Campbell as Zach, Charlie Tahan as Josh, and finally Max Talisman as Darryl. These three young men have bright futures on the big screen. All their performances in this film are worthy of awards. They were utterly convincing as teenage freaks. Their portrayals hit a raw nerve with me as I reminisce back to my own younger days which were in the same era as this film is set. How I made it through to adulthood is a miracle. In fact how any young man survives high school is a tribute to Providence for sure. Super Dark Times is my first film at the New Zealand International Film Festival and I’m looking forward to the next one tonight. [Great film line up by the way]. Go here for the schedule and latest updates: NZIFF


New Zealand International Film Festival – Check out the amazing line up.



Elizabeth Cappuccino as Allison and Owen Campbell as Zach :: Super Dark Times


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