Documentary: The Hurt Business


The Hurt Business

Straight up I’m gonna posit this: MMA [mixed martial arts] is barbaric. But could this documentary change my mind? I’m a hypocrite. I admit to having a soft spot for the noble art of pugilism. And a passing admiration for Muay Thai. I like also Kung Fu. Can I develop a taste for the offerings of UFC, Bellator and the like? This doco works hard to persuade fence sitters like me that MMA is a legit and possibly a mainstream sport. But to give it it’s dues it does not shy away from the emotional and physical scars being carried by former and current fighters. There is even some criticism leveled at the promoters so overall it is balanced. Director Vlad Yudin has done a good job presenting the history of the sport from humble beginnings with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the inevitable melding of a great many martial arts styles. The interviews are interesting. And the cast of characters fascinating. For sure I’m now going to attend a UFC fight myself before I pass further judgement. But perhaps the problem for me is I’ve always felt fighters should be toe to toe and once on the canvas the fight should be over and I’m not keen on all that floor work. I’m old school and this documentary shines a light on a new era in fight entertainment – is it time for me to keep up with the Joneses? Great doco – highly recommended.    


One thought on “Documentary: The Hurt Business

  1. The problem with grappling is that it’s difficult to understand what’s going on without having trained it, or at least having an understanding of the subtle movements occurring. If you’re more interested in stand-up striking, there are much more technical displays of talent to be found in top level Kickboxing or Muay Thai, with promotions such as Glory, Bellator Kickboxing and Lion fight growing more and more in the US.

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