Film Review Guardians of the Galaxy


I am Groot. The lil’ guy is my favorite character in Vol 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy. But is the movie any good? I’m wavering a bit here. It’s more a music video. Harsh? Well I liked the tunes. And the funny one liners. Oh and that Sylvester Stallone is making his big acting come back! [I was mad to see him in this film]. However See it on the big screen folk in all it’s glory – the film is good. I am Groot!

Verdict: 3.5 stars


Film Review: Handsome Devil

handsome devil

Watched the Irish film Handsome Devil today. Wow – powerful coming of age film. Two loners struggle in an all boys rugby mad boarding school. Screen play deals with sexuality, friendship, bullying and overcoming negative stereotypes in a hyper macho environment. I cried at the end. Acting stunning.

Verdict: 5 stars!

Film Review: Colossal

Col2The film you never heard of but should see. Anne Hathaway plays the girl next door who hits rock bottom as an adult and goes back to her childhood home to discover she controls a monster [way cooler than Godzilla] that is ‘attacking’ Seoul. Anne is really good. And actor Jason Sudeikis plays a real jerk. You’ll see. Not gonna give away anymore. Offbeat SciFi comedy. Some good laughs to be had.

Verdict: 5 stars!