Review: John Wick Chapter 2


Was this a film? Or did I just watched a video game pretending to be a film? It certainly felt more like a ‘first person shooter game’ and with a body count to match. An ‘info graphic’ I’ve seen places the count at 128. That’s a lot of killing for one character. And with feck all story to go with it. I’m no prude but the violence was overdone [it’s the non-stop action genre you say]. And the movie is incredibly boring to boot. If it wasn’t for the fact I was trapped in the middle of a row I may have headed out to the cinema bar. Wow – I’m so negative. And I feel I may be going against the grain here as many folk I know liked it. But trust me – this film is pure dreck. I want a refund. Woe is to me. Come on Keanu – you can do better than this – it’s not all just about the money you know…


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